Caribbean Investment and Finance Association (CIFA) focuses on the promotion of legislated multinational citizenship by investment programs in the world. Its subsidiaries are the marketing agents authorised by many governments in the Caribbean, striving to provide services to many immigration agencies and agents.

Since 2012, it has successfully promoted a number of Caribbean high-quality real estate projects. At present, it is the main dealer of the five-star Anichi Resort & Spa in Dominica, the main dealer of Rendezvous Hill golf course apartmet in St. Kitts, the representative of The Point at Petite Calivigny in Grenada and World of Indulgence in Antigua in Asia. Also, several Turkish real estate projects, and arrange the exploratory tour monthly.

CIFA has also spared no effort to promote government donation projects, and has established a good mutual trust relationship with Caribbean government. In 2015, the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit was first time invited to China. From 2016, we invited the CEO of citizenship by investment unit in Antigua and Grenada, and the Ambassador of Grenada and to promote the projects in Asia for many times. CIFA also cooperates with the Vanuatu government, to arrange clients to meet with immigration officers and take oath to obtain passport in China each month.


自2012年以来,成功推广过多家加勒比优质房产项目,目前为多米尼克五星级万豪安丽诗酒店的首席经销商、圣基茨天合高尔夫球场公寓亚洲首席经销商、格林那达波多丽海景度假酒店及安提瓜欢乐世界度假村的亚洲代表经销商, 近期也推广土耳其房产项目每月可安排出团考察。

CIFA也不遗余力的推广政府捐款项目,与加勒比各国政府单位建立了良好的互信关系。2015年首家邀请多米尼克总理罗斯福•斯凯里特来华访问,自2016年起每年邀请安提瓜投资公民部部长参与在华推广活动,也多次安排格林纳达驻华大使及格林纳达投资公民部部长在亚洲推广公民项目, CIFA更与瓦努阿图政府合作,可每月安排客户在国内与移民官见面宣誓领取护照。