Pharos Asset Management is a multi-family office based and incorporated in Singapore, providing independent asset and wealth management solutions for high net worth clients in the Asia-Pacific Region. At Pharos Asset Management, we strive to provide impeccable services to high net worth clients, assist high net worth clients to domicile their business in Singapore, family immigration, children’s education planning, home purchase, and successful integration into Singapore life.

As economic circumstances change at an increasingly uncertain and uneven pace, we see our role as trusted advisors as increasingly critical for ensuring the security of personal and corporate wealth. Earning that trust is our mission: we are committed to developing strong, lasting relationships with clients, partners and stakeholders, providing opportunities to grow and accumulate wealth. Transparency is of paramount importance in all of our client relationships, and the measure of our success is in the depth and breadth of quality, deep-seated, trust in our client relationships.

At all times, we act with the interest of our clients as our top priority, demanding of our managers and colleagues only the highest ethical and professional standards, ensuring confidentiality and discretion in all of our dealings.

Our group business covers:

  1. Financial services, including Singapore family wealth management, remote bank account opening (corporate, individual, equity, encrypted account), corporate and personal tax planning, 13X/13R government tax exemption policy, etc.
  2. Non-financial services, including Singapore company registration, Singapore immigration (tax ID card and permanent resident), Singapore study abroad (international schools etc), Singapore real estate, Singapore business tour, BVI company registration, corporate financial audit, etc.